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  •  Web-Based
  •  Batch Bill Processing
  •  Split Matter Billing
  •  LawPay Integration
  •  Trust Accounting
  •  LEDES Invoicing
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Why Choose Legaltime?

We Know Legal Billing

Legaltime is built by the people who built Time59, legendary for its value and ease of use.

Pure Legal Billing Software

Billing is all we do. And maybe that's all you need. Why pay $$ for features you won't use?

It's Easy To Learn

We designed Legaltime to "just make sense" from the first time you use it.

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Batch Bill Processing

Batch Processing is a major advance over one-bill-at-a-time workflows. With Legaltime you can review and edit groups (batches) of draft bills (prebills) and then finalize and send them to clients with one click.

Review, Edit and Approve Bills

Legaltime's prebill approval tool (right) lets you review, edit and approve your prebills without switching screens. Every edit you make instantly recalculates the entire prebill. It's never been easier to get your bills exactly how you want them to be.

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Get Paid On Time

When bills are finalized, clients receive an email with a link to view their bill. With the optional LawPay integration, clients can pay their bills on the spot via credit card or echeck.

Always Know Who Owes You

With Legaltime you'll always know who owes you money and exactly how much. Our reports let you view your data from any angle.

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All The Features You Need

LawPay + Legaltime

LawPay and Legaltime form a powerful combination and work together seamlessly. Accept payment via credit card or e-check. Automatically charge back credit card fees to payees if you choose to do so.

Split Billing

Need to split fees between multiple parties? With Legaltime there's no duplicate data entry. Just specify the split percentage for each bill. It's the perfect billing software for mediators.


Legaltime allows you to set up an unlimited number of timers that you can switch between during your workday.

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